I get asked a lot from family and friends what I think about the number of trade shows and events I cover each year. They want to know what the coolest tech is or what impressed me.

Imagine how bored they will be when I tell them CEDIA Expo 2018 - the biggest showcase of bleeding-edge audio, video, and automation - was all about building partnerships.

But luckily for this industry, a focus on collaborations is actually some of the most exciting news the trade has received in a while. Last year our Surviving CEDIA series highlighted a major theme from outside parties looking to crack the trade - namely Amazon's formal courting of our industry.

And although CEDIA Expo doesn't have quite the same host of outside forces looking to bridge the gap, the show is buzzing with more companies than ever looking to produce programs that build manufacturer-dealer relationships but also building manufacturer-manufacturer partnerships.

Of course, we've highlighted Samsung's second-year of offerings this yearfollowed-up with LG, and talked about why Sonos is becoming so potent in this community.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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