As much as retailers in this space are selling products, they’re really selling experiences. At the end of the day, that’s what consumer electronics provide—an experience. And, in trying to sell the consumer on that experience, it behooves every retailer in this space to have their own in-store experience that complements “the pitch.”

“We want the experience to overwhelm them, to take over,” Rob Marcoccia, a manager at Philadelphia-based World Wide Stereo, said in a recent interview. “And so we design our entire showroom from that client perspective as soon as they walk through the door.”

That philosophy for World Wide Stereo has so eloquently been put on display in a recently redesigned home theater space in the retailer’s Ardmore, PA, location. Completed in early September, the space is the perfect combination of a powerful A/V experience that’s molded into an elegant yet rather unassuming space. But don’t let the stretch fabric walls and blackout shades fool you. This nearly-$400,000 home theater renovation packs a powerful punch.

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