The HTSA Spring 2018 conference got underway this week from Orlando, and, as is typically the case with this association, there was a very clear focus on training and education.

HTSA Executive Director Jon Robbins, here just days after the passing of his father Saul, kicked things off by delivering his standard State of the Union address. Since the Fall meeting in Chicago, HTSA has held eight different Masterclass sessions—three-member specific ones, two vendor-specific ones, a standardization Masterclass, and two lighting specific Masterclasses—which truly demonstrates the group’s commitment to training and educating its members. Beyond that, they’ve issued the second version of the group’s Tech Guide for members, entered into the energy management channel thanks to a partnership with Rosewater Energy, launched a curated email repository system for members, and they’ve done extensive research into the wellness space, which we’ll get into shortly.

From a business standpoint, Robbins reported that 2017 saw nearly 37 percent growth of overall vendor partner purchases made by members. “Our people are busy,” Robbins said.

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