Two weeks have come and gone and that means we got to spend two weeks with Azione Unlimited and ProSource.

ProSource Talks Managed Services, Bolsters Core of Power Members

During the press meeting at this years ProSource conference, Dave Workman wanted to avoid a "groundhog day" situation with the same quotes and narratives from The Summit in Nashville. However, it is seemingly unavoidable when he is finding so much foundational success within the group.

Workman's most significant accomplishment appears to be the growth of his Power Member core, a group of 71 members that generate at least 4 million in annual sales each year. The CEO and President of ProSource also notes that the sheer size alone of just those individuals is one of the most competitive groups assembled and will likely be the greatest single segment growth for the buying group.

We also got to participate in a guacamole and margarita fundraiser that generated over $70,000 for Make-A-Wish and talk with Gary Yacoubian about courting the millennial. 

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Azione Unlimited Dialed In On Results

There were a lot of exciting narratives floating around the Sheraton Philadelphia Society Hill Hotel during the spring meeting for Azione Unlimited. Selling more premium audio, nailing the marketing presence, becoming a turnkey lighting solution, courting consumer-facing stalwarts, and investing in the voice control paradigm all punctuated the fact that Azione President Richard Glikes still sees Azione as "a buying group, first and foremost."

"All I'm trying to do is protect," Glikes said. "These dealers can do more business, even in good times. All I want to do is give them more opportunity."

And Sonos made an appearance, sitting down to talk the three pillars to success as they begin to court the CI space.

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