Early last week, Logitech told customers it's Harmony Link will reach an end-of-life cycle, and be totally bricked by March 2018. The six-year-old Link connected all the AV goodies in a home theater together and let homeowners control it from their smartphone. The reason, as described in the Logitech community forums, was a certificate would expire in March, and the cloud-based software would no longer be secure.

The solution at the time was to offer a free Harmony Hub, the Link's successor, to those still under warranty, and 35 percent discount to those that weren't. To make a long story short, people were furious. “I made a mistake. It was an honest mistake,” Rory Dooley, head of Logitech’s Harmony division, told Wired. “Mea culpa. We’re going to do right by our customers, and do the right thing.”

So after villainizing Logitech, they decided to do the right thing. But the real issue is still producing products that are cloud-dependent, as they live and die by the sword.

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