With Azione Unlimited's Donnèe in Denver now in the rearview mirror, the message from the buying group is clear - it's time to start sharing ideas.

That message has constructed itself in the shape of four committees that are focused on education, membership, technology, and marketing. These foundational pillars are what drive President Richard Glikes to grow his group and make good on being one of the most influential buying groups in the market. And his efforts are seemingly aimed at keeping his group of 201 members afloat as the economy takes a turn, hamstrung by turbulence in the housing market, tariffs, inflation, labor shortages, and wage hikes.

"It's 2007 all over again," Glikes said in an expectedly candid talk with his members. "If you think that labor shortage is bad, Amazon is ready to pay $15 flat. Think about what you pay your [technicians] now and think about how easy it is for them to go to Amazon, make the same, and not even have to open their minds."

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