One of our editors has been a little tough on Sonos, but a recent partnership with Crestron means high praise for the audio giant. WIR is sponsored by Sony.
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  • Michael DePaola

    Not sure you guys I understand what’s happening. I have been selling Sonos as a direct dealer for years. It is not something new, if anything it has become harder to become a dealer. Furthermore, they have recently killed the ability for Control4 and other companies to integrate to Sonos.

  • John Dallas

    Coud you guys set your video player not to be 100% volume when starting a
    video? Would you set a end users receiver to 100% before they turn it on? Thanks for you help
    great video!

  • Robert Suryan

    If the this goes down badly like their partnership with Control4 last year it will once more prove that they still don’t understand the Ci channel. At least Denon’s HEOS line gets it by making the rack mountable 4 zone HEOS Drive, the new HEOS AVR, and HEOS built into Denon/Marantz AVR’s, 24/192 Hi Res playback, etc. Sonos is a software company not a audio company and sure they made a great software package, I wouldn’t call their sound quality “Luxury”, but very middle of the road. In every head to head review I’ve read Denon’s sound quality beats Sonos and Denon isn’t exactly high end audio either. Denon still has work to do on the software side, but at least they know how to address the Ci channel.