Ravya has introduced a new lineup called Rayva Complete Solutions, allowing dealers to install any equipment into the turnkey home theater solution. Categorized as Gold, Bronze, or Silver performance packages, and complemented by world-class designs curated by Rayva’s Executive Director Theo Kalomirakis, Rayva has eliminated critical barriers, making it easier than ever for integrators to sell and install home theaters while achieving marketplace differentiation and optimal margin potential.

Essentially, when dealers sell and install Rayva Complete Solutions, Rayva will provide the specifications, designs, and engineering documentation, along with customized interiors that merge aesthetics with optimal acoustics that together create a genuine experience engineered to the same performance standards as the best cinema spaces in Hollywood. Rayva is changing the way integrators think of home theaters, turning a private cinema into a product that’s easy to sell and install, rather than a project fraught with complications.

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