The idea itself seems rather asinine, and even typing that headline out has me questioning my own personal sanity. But the idea that Best Buy is doing its best to borrow strategies from the independent retailer isn’t as farfetched as you’d think. And you really need to look no further than the recent news about the company scaling back its partnership with Vivint Smart Home.

Roughly a year into its partnership with Vivint, Bloomberg has reported that Best Buy is re-evaluating its relationship with the smart home installation and service provider. Already, according to Bloomberg, Vivint employees who were pitching connected home systems at more than 400 Best Buy stores were let go. And Vivint products were pulled from Best Buy stores. A quick search for the term ‘Vivint’ on the Best Buy website also returned no Vivint products, though it will bring you to a landing page with plenty of other smart home options. Additionally, the link to the Vivint Smart Home Professional Installation service returns an ‘out of stock’ page, and a notice saying that the item is “no longer available.”

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