There’s been so much Sonos news rolling out over the past week or so, and all of it has us excited about the direction of this now-publicly traded company. … Having essentially dominated the in-home wireless audio space since it began shipping product back in 2005, Sonos is making all kinds of moves to expand beyond their bread and butter.

For starters, it was recently reported that the company is hard at work developing high-end over ear headphones that would compete alongside the likes of Bose, Beats, and Sennheiser—roughly the $300 price point. Of course, Sonos told us that they don’t comment on future product plans. But the idea that Sonos headphones could be coming perhaps as early as the end of this year certainly has us excited.

And it would be a move that jives with something Sonos alluded to during their most recent earnings report. In a letter to investors, the company said, “We realize that while 50 percent of listening happens in the home, the other 50 percent happens outside the home.”

While that could include personal audio products, it certainly applies to another bit of Sonos news that dropped this week out in Amsterdam where the company is attending ISE 2019.

There, Sonos unveiled a new partnership with architectural and outdoor speaker manufacturer Sonance. The Sonos Architectural by Sonance line is a major step for the company, and one that continues the narrative we’ve been following for the past year or so: Sonos wants to get cozy with the technology integrator community. What better way to do just that than by launching a line of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that essentially require an integrator’s help to install them in a customer’s home?

This, of course, follows up on the launch of the Sonos Amp, which begins shipping in Europe and other parts of the world this week.

The in-wall and in-ceiling speakers are up for preorder now and will begin shipping in late February at $599 per pair.

Going a step further and staying true to that quote, Sonos unveiled that the line will extend outdoors as well—marking the company’s first move outside of the home. The Sonos Outdoor by Sonance line will at $799 per pair in April.

Of course, the entire line syncs up seamlessly with the Sonos Amp, giving integrators a compelling acoustical narrative that they can pitch to their clients.

Sonos has built something of an empire in the wireless audio space with a simple but powerful lineup. It’s clear, though, that they understand their path to continued growth and success relies on strong relationships within the front line foot soldiers in our industry—and perhaps a willingness to get even more personal with their product lineup.

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