We hate to say we told you so but foldable phones are indeed a flop.

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold faced a magnitude of criticism on social media this past week for its failing displays and hinge malfunctions. Several people who received review units mistakenly thought that the top layer of the screen was a protective film, and after removing it, their screens turned black and completely stopped working. Maybe those people are at fault for not reading the directions properly, but the fact that anyone thought the screen was a disposable piece of film says a lot about the level of quality present in the Galaxy Fold

Then there was the bulge that appeared towards the bottom of the hinge. Many reviewers noticed debris and air were able leak through rather easily which ultimately caused one side of the screen to glitch. To really put everything into perspective, reviewers only had these test units for a day or so when the malfunctions began.

Samsung issued a statement following the chaos, saying that they would thoroughly inspect the units to determine the cause of the problems. But just a few days later, they decided to completely push back their launch date, which was originally scheduled for April 26, until further notice.

Samsung sent out an email to customers who had made pre-orders stating that more information on next steps would be made available in two weeks. They also gave the okay for customers to back out of their intended purchases without facing any penalties.

Now the question is, will Samsung completely close the chapter on foldable phones and recall the Galaxy Fold or will they be able to regroup and put together a product that lasts more than a day? If they decide to go the recall route, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time for the multinational conglomerate. Let’s not forget the Note7s that were catching on fire and the washing machines that were exploding back in 2016.

Either way Samsung will have a lot of pros and cons to weigh before making their final decision. After all, these things may end up costing them more money than they’re worth – and they’re worth a lot. Until roughly the beginning of May rolls around, we’ll all just have to wait and see how everything unfolds.

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