Have you ever asked a cop, some version of “at what speed will you really write me a ticket?”

You know when talking to a cop about this, we paint our police officer type friends into an uncomfortable corner.
For each cop knows that if the speed limit is, say 45, they do not mean that if you are unlawfully driving at 46 that they will cite you for your egregious criminality. Dave Barry, the syndicated humor columnist once famously stated that the United States is the only country in the civilized world that the real speed limit …. is a secret.

They don’t want to go there. Committing to any answer places them in uncomfortable territory, for they know that the enforcement will be inconsistent, and has all kinds of variables that affect their onsite decisions, and that one blanket answer cannot possibly cover. Stuff like weather, traffic and pedestrian load, road conditions, your irrational behavior, and belligerence.

Consider then how does a technology integration firm establishes a general budget conversation with first-time clients?

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