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Video: 1,000x More Color from Sharp
January 25, 2010

Sharp introduces Quad Pixel Technology, adding yellow to the red, green and blue pixels on their LCD HDTVs for a thousand-fold increase in viewable colors.  Also, connectivity deals with Netflix and Vudu, a new Blu-ray player and LED lighting for the home.

Flat Panels and Projectors From Runco
November 20, 2009

Bob Hana, who was then Runco's VP of Worldwide Sales/Marketing  talks about new product offerings, including an expaned line of flat panels with OPAL technology, and projectors ranging from entry level to high end.

The Screen of 1,000 Ratios
October 26, 2009

SMX introduces a varable four-way masking screen that can achieve up to 1,000 different aspect ratios.

LG's New LED
October 23, 2009

LG's Peter Reiner talks about the SL90 LED TV and the ad campaign his company is launching to support it.

New Products From Atlona
October 8, 2009

Atlona introduces an 8x8 matrix switch, the HDAiR wireless USB to HDMI converter, and the AT-DP200 DVI to Mini DisplayPort converter.  Also, a discussion of the growth of the industry into commercial venues.

SIM2 on CEDIA and the Future of DLP
August 20, 2009

SIM2 President and CEO Maurizio Cini and VP, Sales and Marketing Charlie Boornazian talk surprises at CEDIA, the future of DLP, commerical opportunities and dealer support.

Panasonic's 1-Inch Thin Wireless HDTV
August 11, 2009

Check out Panasonic's latest 54" Viera model that measures 1" thin and features a wireless tuner.  Filmed live at CEA LineShows.