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Video: 1,000x More Color from Sharp
January 25, 2010

Sharp introduces Quad Pixel Technology, adding yellow to the red, green and blue pixels on their LCD HDTVs for a thousand-fold increase in viewable colors.  Also, connectivity deals with Netflix and Vudu, a new Blu-ray player and LED lighting for the home.

The LightSpeaker from Klipsch
January 13, 2010

Klipsch unveils a new LED-light-and-speaker-in-one system that screws in as easy as a lightbulb.

Control for the Masses
December 15, 2009

Speakercraft President Jeremy Burkhardt talks about the Nirv home automation system.

Internet-Controlled Amplifiers From Audio Control
November 24, 2009

Audio Control presents the Director Model D3200 16 channel multizone amplifier, which can be controlled from the Internet.  You can look at the client's system from your office, and save yourself a day's trip out to meet them. 

All About Access Networks
November 13, 2009

"There is a need in the integration world for a robust network."  Access Networks Founder & CEO Hagai Feiner and National Sales Director Aaron Gutin talk about the network solutions their company provides for integrators.

The Award-Winning SunDialer
October 26, 2009

MechoShade's SunDialer window management system won an Exc!te Award this year.  MechoShade's Victor Razon talks about it and more new offerings from the company at CEDIA EXPO.

Control4 2.0
October 5, 2009

Control4 President and COO Glen Mella talks about the new Control4 2.0 interface, the Control4 IQ licensing system and working with 16 new manufacturers.

RadioRA 2
October 5, 2009

All about Lutron's new RadioRA 2 lighting control system.