Tim Costello

If the recent presidential election has taught us anything, it is that the tide has turned. We’ve been hearing about the growing majority minority of the U.S. for years, and it’s clear that unless changes are made, and not just with our political system, you, your business and the country are going to be left behind, and business owners are going to be left scratching their heads and saying, “What happened??”

This month, we shed more light on what has been called the “luxury market.” Tim Costello has been leading our readers to “Follow the Money” with his columns in CustomRetailer. The series continues next month with yet another specific market segment, as well as the strategies necessary to prepare your business to go after them.

Today’s Gen Y population is a group of 95 million consumers in their 30s. They are living independently longer than ever before, and while they are less affluent than their parents, they are more brand- and style-conscious, and more likely to spend on high-end features. If you’re not taking this group into account as you plan your business strategy, you’re probably missing out.

Over the past six months, I've been talking about different ways you can expand your business in the current economy. But there is no topic that I am more passionate about than green building. More importantly for your business, the general public is becoming passionate about the topic.

Several years ago, hours after a burglar made a thwarted attempt to break into my home, I remember thinking, "If I was smart I would get into the security business." Well the time has definitely come for many integrators to look at the possibility of including security in their client skill-set options.

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