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To help introduce custom integrators to 3D, custom electronics distributor AVAD held Full HD 3D open houses April 13 and 14 simultaneously at all 28 North American locations this week. At the Los Angeles Van Nuys location, a huge mission of the open house was to dispel the myths that may come up when an integrator is talking about 3D to a customer.

Volutone on Jan. 28 will host a CEDIA-accredited "boot camp" class on both installation and business subjects. The three-hour class will be held at the company's Van Nuys, Calif., location. The installation class will feature several live demonstrations, while the business class will include instruction on professional proposal software as well how to "close the sale."

What just happened? Have we lost our mojo? I don’t remember signing up for this ride. Most of us with A/V specialty stores are waking up with a margin hangover. Black Friday is now Red Friday for us, and selling a flat panel and installation is becoming more and more like ordering a burger at a drive-thru joint. OK, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but my head is still spinning from all of this nonsense. The big boys reported less-than-desirable earnings for the quarter on flat panel sales, but they were quick to shout that they’d gladly do it again. Meanwhile, we were inventory-rich and

As 2006 wound down and many of us prepared to attend CES, we looked back at last year and forward to next. We had a lot to look at. So much has changed for the custom retailer during the past 12 months. At Wilshire, we’re experiencing higher sales of video overall, but with lower-than-desirable margins. The average television price, in fact, has eroded more in the past six months than it has in the last three years. We compiled these numbers regarding video sales in our two stores over two recent months: • LCD panels were 50 percent of our television business, with plasma coming in at

Dear Bruce, I know you will never read this message, but I had to write it anyway. Since the early eighties, you have been my friend. You used to run pictures of me at Stax Kogyo (you always loved to say the word Kogyo with a Japanese accent) when I had hair, and headphones were all I dreamed of. You counseled me when I divorced and helped me through those rough times. You always went out of your way to spend time with me at events. As my career progressed, you made sure I was recognized by my peers. And when I was appointed vice

Some custom retailers dismiss the Black Friday shoppers who snapped up the $478 32-inch, 1080i LCD HDTVs at Home Depot or the $988 42-inch plasmas at Wal-Mart as “not my customers.” Yet many are concerned about, if not directly rattled by, the new retail competition and the ridiculously low flat-panel prices that set the tone for the 2006 holiday selling season. The fourth quarter of 2006 hammered home a new reality for the custom retailer. For those working the middle ground between high-end custom integration and A/V retail, it’s going to be a wild, challenging ride—one that may require more C-tailers to shift further

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