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Another year, another CEDIA EXPO on the way. Where has the time gone? It seems like this show has been around forever, but in fact it started only 17 years ago, from the humblest of beginnings. Today, it’s one of the largest trade shows in America, and a fact of life for the tens of thousands of people involved in the custom electronics industry. Its phenomenal growth has led to the creation of a second annual show, to kick off next April in Las Vegas. Most of us now have experienced Denver as host once, and hopefully the kinks will be ironed out and

Just because the market loves its portability doesn't mean it's voting thumbs down on quality audio—or your business model, for that matter. By Ira Friedman Here's a quote from the CEDIA EXPO 2005 wrap-up article by Custom Retailer's Ron Goldberg, referencing how "disruptive" a force the iPod has become in the CE business: "If your competitive advantage is selling quality, you've frankly got a problem in this new market reality, because if iPod is how people want to get their music, you're not just competing with Best Buy anymore. Now you're also competing with Target and Wal-Mart. Maybe it's not too late to consider

By Ron Goldberg With selling prices on big-screen TVs firmly in free fall, established manufacturers are scrambling to differentiate their products in order to restore profitability to the dealer and offer a tangible value proposition to the consumer. Mitsubishi's new line of 1080p rear-screen projectors emphasize engineering and performance as their trump cards. DESCRIPTION The 52-inch WD-52628, the smallest of Mitsubishi's new line of DLPs, features the company's Plush1080p video processor, which upconverts all incoming signals to the display's native 1920x1080 resolution. The set's generous connectivity options include two HDMI ports, three component video connections, an IEEE 1394 port, a CableCARD slot and

By Ron Goldberg It's been a year since Logitech acquired Intrigue Technologies, makers of the web-based Harmony Remote system. Since then, all eyes have been on the company to see how the Harmony might be modified and/or improved (not always the same thing) by the accessories giant. The new 880 is the first Harmony remote credited to Logitech's design team. DESCRIPTION Similar to previous Harmony models, the 880 is a one-handed remote based on hard-button operation, rather than an LCD touchscreen. While many of the handset's buttons are dedicated to global tasks (volume, transport, numeric entry, et cetera), some are also soft, in that

Home Theater Speaker System By Ron Goldberg Probably the most enduring complaint heard from C-tailers is that after customers have sprung for the pricey video gear, they don't have enough budget left over for a decent audio system to complement it. It's true that nowadays, audio is quite frequently an attachment sale. You can fight against it and possibly jeopardize that big plasma sale. Or, you could give the customer what he or she wants—a respectable little speaker system that looks good, sounds good and comes in at an attachment-sized price point. In the Micra 6 system, Athena thinks it has the answer.

By Ron Goldberg The plasma market has become so crowded with cut-rate panels that it often becomes difficult to separate the technological wheat from the chaff. Hitachi's new 42HDX60 positions high-end engineering and a rich feature set as the cornerstones of its value proposition. From the perspectives of performance and convenience, it's not likely to be confused with many products in its class. The 42HDX60 is part of Hitachi's "Director's Series," and is the flagship PDP in its size category. The 42-inch panel features 1024 x 1024 resolution, and is designed as a two-piece system. The accompanying "Control Center" is an outboard

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