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Contrary to myth, convergence is not the union of consumer electronics and computer hardware. It's a far more complex blend of CE, computing, Internet connectivity, software that entertains, and software that organizes. That last element is the unseen whirlwind inside the revolution. It was also, until recently, the element that was least evolved. That's begun to change, and Gracenote is at the forefront of that change. The Emeryville, Calif.-based company is best known as the heir to CDDB, the service that enriches burned CD-Rs or ripped music files with track and other data. CDDB is virtually everywhere—in the iPod and other compressed-music players, online

Throughout the course of history, innumerable languages and cultures have been lost to us and forgotten, unable to survive in an environment where they were either co-opted by larger forces or simply ignored into oblivion. In the short history of home tech, there are many similar stories. Names like SAE, Apogee and Garrard are only a few immediate examples of innovative CE companies that for one reason or another did not stand the test of time. With so much competition in the loudspeaker business, Now Hear This, better known as NHT, might by all rights have been another such ad-dition to the dustbin of

By Brett Solomon The mobile electronics landscape has brought us such innovations as navigation, mobile video, satellite radio and vehicle tracking. But one area seemingly lacking in the vehicular environment is mobile networking. After all, if we can install a network in our house, why not install one in the car? Why not have all of the electronics in a vehicle communicate with one another, to make life easier for the end-user, and send the "cool" factor skyrocketing? Telematics has been the industry buzzword for the past few years; it describes the ability to send information to (and from) the vehicle. However, mobile networking

Custom Installation Education Diversifies By David Dritsas The front line of any custom retail business is the employee. Because the employee—whether a member of the sales, design or installation team—is the primary contact to the customer, it's essential that employees genuinely know what they are talking about. They are the ones that must convincingly convey to the customer the value of what the customer is buying—or could be buying. That's not an easy task in the increasingly complex landscape of custom CE. There's a lot to know, and classes aren't taught on college campuses. Manufacturers, retailers and installers unanimously agree that the need for

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