Myron Davis

“I’m shocked and sad at the suddenness of this, I was informed Bruce was ill on Tuesday and now he’s gone. Bruce, as everyone knows was always the “Life of The Party” or was it “Class Clown”? It really doesn’t matter because he always had that impish, mischievous grin and was able to add levity to any situation. Who can ever forget the many nights at the Riviera while Bruce did his shtick making a seemingly mundane awards event something fun and a must to attend. I first met Bruce in 1997 while VP of Sales & Marketing at Aura Sound. Bruce and

Dear Bruce, I know you will never read this message, but I had to write it anyway. Since the early eighties, you have been my friend. You used to run pictures of me at Stax Kogyo (you always loved to say the word Kogyo with a Japanese accent) when I had hair, and headphones were all I dreamed of. You counseled me when I divorced and helped me through those rough times. You always went out of your way to spend time with me at events. As my career progressed, you made sure I was recognized by my peers. And when I was appointed vice

Inside The Keystone Big Show By Brett Soloman There are a lot of mobile electronics dealers out there who are turning down a lot of profits by not offering vehicle personalization and performance (VPP) products. Let's face it, car audio and sport compact performance parts are complementary goods, just like peanut butter and jelly. But many retailers are still hesitant to bring personalization or performance parts into their stores because they may not recognize where it fits in the product mix. However, these retailers are losing out on sales by sending the customer down the street to a speed shop. Even

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