Michael de Nigris

Editor in chief of Dealerscope

Autonomic has announced plans to drop prices of its Mirage Audio System, stating that the growing popularity of the product has "enabled the company to leverage economies of scale in raw materials acquisition and assembly which it is passing on to its dealers and their customers."

Autonomic has announced the arrival of a new AMX module, which provides "controllability between the AMX platform and Autonomic high-performance multi-zone Mirage digital amplifiers."

Autonomic announced this week that it has added Tidal's lossless streaming to its MMS-2A and MMS-5A Mirage Music Players, meaning Tidal subscribers can access the entire 25-million-track Tidal library through Autonomic.

Technology Integrator asked three influential CI channel manufacturers what luxury products mean to them, what they bring to their integrators now, and how they see the future—as we are midway through 2014.

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