Maureen Jenson

The winners of this year's EXC!TE Awards, at the Technology Integrator booth at CEDIA Expo, pictured with Publisher Carol Campbell and editor-in-chief Maureen Jenson

This sneak peek was held at Denver’s Colorado Convention Center, on the eve of the opening of CEDIA’s show, where the group’s 25th anniversary is being celebrated. (Photos and captions by Maureen Jenson and Nancy Klosek) 

A meeting held at CES in January 2009 became a key incubator for many ideas utilized over the last five years. Without knowing what to expect going in, this meeting revealed an important cornerstone for analyzing the prior dramatic changes in our industry and brainstorming ideas moving into the future. Within the room, Carol Campbell, Maureen Jenson and other key members of the Technology Integrator team had assembled approximately 50 dealers, manufacturers and other industry notables.

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