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Dealers often mention that in order to respond to their customers’ desires for in-wall and on-wall speakers, apologies must be made regarding the performance capability of the current market offerings versus even bookshelf models from some of the very same manufacturers. Perhaps not so ironically, the families that demand speakers that are hidden or low-profile are the same ones that won’t stand for sacrificing performance. This is why Wisdom Audio has taken great pains to ensure the performance achieved from the in-wall and on-wall versions of its brand new Sage Series is the same as its freestanding solutions. What’s more, customers are welcome to

Nevada-based audio technology provider Wisdom Audio announced Monday that it has named Todd Sutherland to the position of western regional manager, director of sales operations. Sutherland comes to the company from Kaleidescape. Sutherland’s duties will include serving as the primary contact for western region dealers, as well as having a role in the company’s overall sales strategy. “Todd is an industry veteran with a particular knowledge and appreciation of the needs and expectations of the custom installation dealer,” the company’s president, Mark Glazier, said as part of the announcement. Glazier previously worked with Sutherland at both Kaleidescape and Madrigal. For more

In a loudspeaker market filled with architectural speaker brand options, Wisdom Audio will begin to ship in April its new Sage Series of freestanding, in-wall and on-wall speakers. Why now, into such a crowded arena? The timing couldn’t be better if you pick your market spots carefully, explains Mark Glazier, the company’s president. “In general,” he says, “video display quality evolution has been rapid. However, the quality of the in-wall/on-wall speaker hasn’t evolved at the same rate.” The Sage Series, using magnetic planar technology that enables the speaker footprint to be kept slim and shallow, is aimed at correcting that

Loudspeaker manufacturer Wisdom Audio named Mark Glazier its new president. Glazier spent 22 years, mostly as president, with Madrigal, designers and manufacturers of Mark Levinson, Proceed, Revel and other products. Said Tom Bohlender, Wisdom’s founder and CEO, “As our business has continued to mature and as the A/V industry has evolved into a more differentiated and complex market, I am delighted for Wisdom to have one of the high-end industry’s most experienced people on board.”

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