Manfred Freiberger

Recently, CustomRetailer had the opportunity to speak with several leading executives, covering a wide range of custom electronics categories, on the not-so-simple topic of selling high-end custom electronics in today’s market.

US Nippura: Nick Johnston, Reseller Accounts Manager, Blue Ocean Projection Screens Many consumers believe that projection screen systems require a dedicated home theater room. How has new screen technology made this not true? Advancements in screen technology in regards to ambient light performance have allowed for a shift from the dedicated blacked-out theater to multipurpose rooms where light control is not as necessary. Rear projection screens allow for a fully lit room, tremendous sizes, and increasing resolution capabilities that keep up with and enhance all improvements and progress in greater resolution detail. Front projection screens have also evolved to perform better in high

Front projectors, offering top-shelf video once considered appropriate only for the super-elite, are gaining wider acceptance in media dens and living rooms, thanks to better value and improved projector brightness. But with most of the attention focused on the projector side of the equation, it's easy to forget that front projection is a two-piece system. The screen—the projector's oft-neglected partner—plays a crucial role. A superior screen can brighten the image, improve contrast, and allow people watching off-center to see a brighter picture. The screen also becomes part of a client's home décor, with its frame providing a crucial role both in screen performance and

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