Laurie Fincham

THX, born out of the George Lucas/Star Wars legacy, has stayed true to its roots while developing new audio technologies to improve the home entertainment experience. Last week I spoke with Laurie Fincham, senior vice president of THX to discuss the company's technology. He told me THX wanted to create a new type of speaker that could focus sound beams to specific areas in a room. I've heard those sorts of claims before, but Mr. Fincham assured me that this system was designed to a very

The BG Radia BGX-4850 ($6,995) is the first THX Ultra2 in-wall subwoofer, co-developed with THX and designed by BG’s chief scientist and vice president of R&D, Laurie Fincham. It is also the first in-wall subwoofer to use THX Balanced Bass-line, a proprietary THX technology that is said to deliver vibration-free bass from a compact speaker. It is comprised of four modules, each of which contains 12 micro-precision woofers with their own enclosures arranged in balanced pairs. Its external comtroller/amp pumps more than 2,000 watts of power.

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