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CustomRetailer: What does it mean to be a PARA dealer in these times? What is this "PARA difference?" As a PARA dealer, how do you serve your customers in a unique way?

The California CE retailer Ken Crane's Big Screen Headquarters has announced a major clearance sale of Blu-ray Disc players in which they're being sold at as much as 70 percent off.

Today’s audio gear has come a long way since your father’s tube amp. That was the consensus reached by experts from audio and computer product manufacturing, specialty retailing, custom installation and research during a pre-CES panel on the state of the industry. The parameters that define “audio” have broadened more than ever with the popularity of the iPod. And industry pundits, including some who had until recently bet most of their chips on the high end of the audio spectrum, agreed the variety of audio sources available to the consumer - from MP3 content to Internet music to whole-home distributed audio -present “the

It's time to get back to the classic home theater demonstration By Steve Caldero Recently, my doctor—your average guy interested in upgrading his home theater—related to me his experience at a local big box retailer. "I had a really bad experience trying to purchase a 50-inch EDTV plasma," he said. "There's no such thing," I told him. "You can buy a 42-inch EDTV plasma, but not a 50-inch." "Yeah," he replied. "I found that out, so they made me buy HD." His borderline bitterness astounded me. He was unhappy about having to purchase the highest-quality display on the market. Since money is no object

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