John Dahl

Editor in chief of Dealerscope

CE Week, CEA Demo Suites and AXPONA are bringing back to New York a dedicated trade and consumer event for the high-end audiophile and residential systems marketplace. The event runs throughout the day Friday, and into Saturday, at the Affinia Hotel on 7th Avenue in New York. 

THX's John Dahl offers basic recommendations to keep in mind when working on 3D theater systems, including figuring out seating area and ridding visual distractions. The 3D revolution has been exciting, but it has also raised a lot of questions among CE pros regarding room setup and calibration. At THX we are working with our display manufacturing partners, the 3D@Home Consortium and other standards bodies to learn from and educate the industry and consumers about how to create a high-quality 3D viewing experience. Three basic building blocks must be optimized to achieve an enjoyable 3D experience at home: program

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