“What a loss! In addition to his valuable advise on CE distribution and retailing, Bruce always could get the best reflection out of people and had a knack for always making me smile. He’ll be greatly missed.” - Jim Noyd, Director of Business Services, Jefferson/Acker Advertising + Communications

Dear Bruce, I know you will never read this message, but I had to write it anyway. Since the early eighties, you have been my friend. You used to run pictures of me at Stax Kogyo (you always loved to say the word Kogyo with a Japanese accent) when I had hair, and headphones were all I dreamed of. You counseled me when I divorced and helped me through those rough times. You always went out of your way to spend time with me at events. As my career progressed, you made sure I was recognized by my peers. And when I was appointed vice

How C-tailers And Consumers Get On The Same Page By Mark Fleischman A document can take on a significance that lasts hundreds of years. Take the Declaration of Independence. That bit of parchment didn't come out of nowhere: Jefferson wrote it to summarize colonial grievance with the misrule of King George V. It came about, you might say, as a result of unsatisfied consumer expectations. So it is—on a much smaller scale, of course—with the written proposals that C-tailers use to nail down agreements with their customers. Everyone in custom install has a slightly different take on how the proposal should work. So perhaps

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