Jeff Gordon

Built-to-order manufacturing has woven its way into many different industries as a means to achieve flexibility in today’s consumer-centric environments. For Leon Speakers, manufacturers of on-wall and flat-panel audio, this has been an essential tool to compete in an ever-changing, rapidly expanding, consumer electronics industry. Leon Speakers’ most valuable asset is its ability to create custom cabinets at a breakneck speed while maintaining cutting-edge acoustic design. The company prides itself on handcrafting a wide range of elegant loudspeakers, custom-built and finished to match the exact dimensions and finish of any flat-panel display, with a very fast turnaround time: just three to five business days.

Leon Speakers, a manufacturer of custom-built on-wall loudspeakers for flat-panel displays, named two new rep firms for its product line. The Jarmac Group of Massachusetts will serve Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island and upstate New York, while Atlantic Integrated will serve Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and South Jersey. “We wanted experienced rep firms who shared our passion and commitment to the custom installation market,” said Leon CEO Jeff Gordon. “Jarmac and Atlantic Integrated both provide the extreme level of customer service that Leon Dealers are accustomed to. They both bring years of experience and long-standing relationships with leading custom integrators. Our

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