David Wexler

Editor in chief of Dealerscope

I go to CES to see vendors—the manufacturers we carry—and what they have in store for the future. Flat panels, other electronics, remotes—we look for those. And as far as newer things go, we are on the lookout for wireless audio and video technologies and audio distribution systems. Our clients also do occasionally ask about IP-addressable systems, but our store is primarily a home theater and high-end audio installer. I believe the move of the high-end audio area to the Venetian from the Alexis Park is a good thing, although maybe some of the manufacturers may not like it because it will attract more consumers. At the Alexis

Opportunities are wide open for the custom retailer who can peer beyond flat-panel's pixels By Nancy Klosek It isn't video. It's audio. And it isn't easy. In fact, it takes a village—C-tailing business owners, manufacturers, salespeople—to make the case for a high-ticket audio purchase. Suppliers and C-tailers who get it know that conducting a good demonstration is only the culmination of the presentation process. The development of cannily designed product lines on the manufacturing side and, on the retail side, an unvarnished self-examination of the dynamics which influence audio purchases are the requisite preludes to a sale, say industry participants from each camp

Imagination is key when it comes to attracting customers. Here's what some C-tailers have dreamed up. By Nancy Klosek The question of how to attract buyers to what you have to sell is as old as the first day a Cro-Magnon with 500 sticks of firewood—and the need for only 100 to live through the winter—wondered how he could interest his less-industrious neighbor (with just 50 sticks) in a deal for some of his surplus. The species may not have evolved a lot since then, but the need for innovation in luring clients certainly has. Merely hanging out a shingle and hoping for

The controversial distribution network has everyone in the industry talking. Here's what some movers and shakers have to say. By Joe Paone Look up "lightning rod" in the C-business dictionary and you'll find a big picture of the AVAD Distributors logo. If there's one subject that perks industry ears and elicits opinions—often passionate ones — AVAD is it. In a changing CE landscape, AVAD is one of the most potent symbols of change, and its emergence as a business force has been especially polarizing for manufacturers, C-tailers and integrators alike. Many custom businesses have been genuinely empowered by AVAD, while some established retailers are

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