Dave Workman

Editor in chief of Dealerscope

ProSource's annual Summit, held last week at Nashville’s Opryland Resort and Convention Center, celebrated the group's fifth anniversary and trumpeted past achievements while laying the groundwork for 2019 and beyond

SAN ANTONIO- ProSource is holding its annual spring meeting here this week, and on Tuesday we had a chance to sit down with several of the buying group’s leaders: CEO Dave Workman, BrandSource CEO Jim Ristow, Director of Business Development Andy Orozco and Board Chairman Murray Huppin, along with recently hired director of marketing Kathleen Marini. 

ProSource this week announced that it has added a new member classification called Associate Member. The classification, ProSource said, is meant to allow "a very select number of larger regional dealers whose business would benefit from participation in the group’s audio, mobile, accessory and CI programs to join the under this special arrangement."

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