Petra Industries Wednesday announced the release of its Spring 2010 catalog. The 1,200 -page catalog includes more than 500 manufacturers, including Canon, Sony,  Olympus, JVC, Philips, Garmin, Clarion, Olympus, RCA, Monster, iLuv, Belkin, Memorex, Peerless, Maxell, Motorola, Pentax and Panasonic.

Contrary to myth, convergence is not the union of consumer electronics and computer hardware. It's a far more complex blend of CE, computing, Internet connectivity, software that entertains, and software that organizes. That last element is the unseen whirlwind inside the revolution. It was also, until recently, the element that was least evolved. That's begun to change, and Gracenote is at the forefront of that change. The Emeryville, Calif.-based company is best known as the heir to CDDB, the service that enriches burned CD-Rs or ripped music files with track and other data. CDDB is virtually everywhere—in the iPod and other compressed-music players, online

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