“When I heard of Bruce’s passing, I was saddened with the news. When I first started in public relations 20 years ago, he was one of the first people I met and right off the bat, made me feel confortable. Anytime, I saw him in New York or at CES, he always asked if there was anything he could do to help me in the industry. He was always smiling and had a great personality. He will be truly missed. My condolences go out to his family.” - Donna Austi, Senior Media Specialist, Cohn & Wolfe

“I AM TRULY SHOCKED TO HEAR ABOUT BRUCE’S PASSING. Bruce was always a great friend to me. We spent many a great and fun day on the golf course, out to dinner and hanging out together. I left the industry in 2005 but we still stayed in touch with each other often. I spoke with Bruce in November and he said not a word to me about being sick. We just joked around, talked about the biz and future plans. That was Bruce. He was a real wonderful guy, a straight shooter and someone I called a true friend. I will truly miss

“Bruce was the only person that I ever met that knew more jokes than I did. I’m sure he’s making them laugh up there. I know that I will always smile when I think of him.” - Eric Bodley, Friend

“Bruce really was a very special person and the world is definitely ess fun without him in it. During his days at AVI, we were always friendly competitors. And like all who knew him, I always looked forward to seeing and bantering with him. In fact, when he died TWICE ran an obituary on his passing and when I noticed a typo in it, I imagined him saying as I know would have, “Sure I’m finally written up in TWICE -- and there’s a typo in the article.” Bruce, good friend, rest in peace. You are missed.” - Marcia Grand, VP/Publisher, Twice

“When I found out that Bruce was terminally ill, I realized that my life would not be the same again ever, and the industry would not be the same. But I have chosen to look back at all the great times Bruce and I had together. We spoke once a week and there was never a CES or CEDIA show without our dinner. Bruce knew the business, he knew the good guys in the business and he understood clearly what is important in this business, he was spot on. I will miss the countless golf games, the laughs, I truly lost a friend, God’s

“I was greatly saddened to learn of loosing Bruce. I worked with Bruce for 6 years at AVI. We discussed our business every morning, traveled together to many places, and endured a couple of tough years in early 90’s. He played the pivotal role to form a community of nice people that lead to the most successful days of AVI. Bruce possessed the unique ability to guide people to unite to make books honorable with better sense of aesthetics. He was always stylish, a man of sincerity with pleasant demeanor. Of the many memories that I was impressed by Bruce, he started playing golf

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