Brian Hudkins

NASHVILLE- What does the newly announced strategic alliance between HTSA and Nationwide Marketing Group mean for members of the two groups and the industry at large?

SVS said this week that it is bringing its products to Gramophone, the Maryland-based dealer and installer. The line includes the PB13-Ultra ported subwoofer flagship, as well as SVS' other products.

The Home Theater Specialists of America (HTSA) announced its 2009 board on Wednesday, and Mike McMaster of Wilshire Home Entertainment will be the group's president. Leon Shaw of Audio Advice will serve as vice president.

A couple years back, Home Theater Specialists of America (HTSA) Executive Director Richard Glikes was looking for a good woman. He had specific requirements. He wanted someone 40-ish, attractive but not intimidating and, most importantly, happy. And he definitely wanted one of those bright-eyed, smiling women. This was part of a big decision for Glikes—a $140,000 decision, in fact. That was the price tag for the full production of two high-definition television spots that would feature an American couple lounging, dancing and snuggling in their fully automated home. The male half of the couple—“talent” in TV talk—had been an easier choice. Glikes chose

Most people who venture into the exotic world of Gramophone in Timonium, Md., probably say they’ve never seen anything like it. The 15,000-plus-square-foot space showcases four home theater scenarios at budgets from $15,000 to $150,000. Another section of the store features a five-room digital home that promotes lighting control, home automation, motorized shades and LCD TVs built into bathroom mirrors. Then there’s the standard retail setting, with TVs, receivers and speakers spread out along the wall. The store has told this three-part story since 1998, although the products and styles have changed along the way to keep up with changes in both home fashion

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