Bjorn Dybdahl

PRO Group announced Monday that Murray Huppin of Huppin's/OneCall is the new chairman of the board, while Rachelle Friedman of J&R is the newest member of the board.

Bjorn Dybdahl, or “just Bjorn,” is the owner and founder of Bjorn’s Audio-Video-Home Theater in San Antonio, Texas. Bjorn opened his first store in 1975. As an independent retailer, he is internationally recognized for his innovation and leadership in the art of retail, merchandising and store design.

PRO Group announced Wednesday that Leon Temiz of Electronics Expo is the newest member of its board of directors.

Progressive Retailers Organization (PRO Group) said Wednesday that Bjorn Dybdahl of Bjorn's Audio/Video has joined its board of directors.

The Empress Joséphine, one of history’s master seductresses, once ordered her decorators to fashion a bedroom in the manner of a luxurious military tent so that Napoleon might feel the excitement of his many field campaigns right at home. The ploy got rave reviews from her general, earning Joséphine love letters full of phrases like, “the memory of last night’s intoxicating pleasures has left no rest to my senses.” Flash-forward 200 years to the floor of the Philadelphia Home Show, where Dave Gilbert, Vice President of custom retail operation, Hi-Fi Sales, and his staff recently spent an entire day constructing a luxurious royal blue

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