Allen Boothroyd

This year was just as energizing as my first in 1991. I’m unsure if it was the return to Denver.  Or, that many attendees believed business is finally improving.  But, everyone was positive and confident.  As you’ve heard the numbers were up across the board.  It felt good.

CEDIA confirmed record attendance numbers for CEDIA EXPO 2006. It said more than 28,000 people attended, roughly an eight percent increase over EXPO 2005, making EXPO 2006, in CEDIA’s words, “the largest and most successful trade show in the organization’s 17-year history.” The show also set a record for its number of exhibitors, said CEDIA, with “more than 600” on hand, which was “about 100 more exhibitors than EXPO 2005.” CEDIA also reported that participation in CEDIA University courses was “at its highest level,” attributing the interest to new core curriculums for the Electronic Systems Technician (EST) and Electronic Systems Designer (ESD) colleges, “as

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