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Joe Paone is director of content for CTPG.

News travels fast! The big news is the announcement of our new Editor-in-Chief for CustomRetailer, Ms. Maureen Jenson. For me, this is a dream come true. Many of you already know Maureen, one of our industry’s most accomplished editors. Her leadership and style are legendary from our years together at Audio Video Interiors in the 90s right on through to her most recent role as the editor of Home Theater Magazine. If you don’t already know Maureen, you will have lots of opportunities to get to know her through the pages of CustomRetailer, on the Web at, through our webinar programs,

Another year, another CEDIA EXPO on the way. Where has the time gone? It seems like this show has been around forever, but in fact it started only 17 years ago, from the humblest of beginnings. Today, it’s one of the largest trade shows in America, and a fact of life for the tens of thousands of people involved in the custom electronics industry. Its phenomenal growth has led to the creation of a second annual show, to kick off next April in Las Vegas. Most of us now have experienced Denver as host once, and hopefully the kinks will be ironed out and

I’m just about ready for spring, so I’m mighty glad it’s upon us. The days are getting warmer and longer, and the walks around town are getting more pleasant. Pitchers, catchers, position players and Baseball Annies have reported to Florida and Arizona. The sweet, annual smell of rebirth is in the air. I admit it, I’m always majorly crushing on Mother Nature this time of year, and it puts me in a mood to take stock of things. So this month, in that spirit, I’ll put aside my usual ruminations on the industry and instead tell you about all of the fresh things we’re

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