Aaron Gutin

Bay Audio has announced the appointment of of Audio Associates of Somerset, NJ as the company's independent sales representation covering Metro New York and the Mid-Atlantic region. 

Q: Networking has quickly become a must-have in the service offering of integrators. But when we talk about home networks, many people focus on Wi-Fi. Is reliable Wi-Fi the key to a robust home network?

Hagai Feiner, President, and Aaron Gutin, VP Sales and Marketing, Access Networks explain why enterprise-grade networking must be the digital foundation of the home going forward.

The inaugural CEA Demo Suites, partner of CEA Line Shows and included in the first-ever CE Week, kicked off in Manhattan last Friday at the Affinia Hotel.

CE Week, CEA Demo Suites and AXPONA are bringing back to New York a dedicated trade and consumer event for the high-end audiophile and residential systems marketplace. The event runs throughout the day Friday, and into Saturday, at the Affinia Hotel on 7th Avenue in New York. 

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