I’ll start this column on a personal note. I hate Volkswagen. I should also say that my wife hates VW. With that out of the way, I ask this question: Are you a Volkswagen or a Toyota? Toyota has a “good” problem and a “bad” problem—and they’re the same problem: Toyota’s way of doing business. The “good” part of its problem is that it’s turning Toyota into the largest automotive company in the world. The Toyota Way of doing business clearly revolves around quality products and quality customer service. The “bad” part of Toyota’s problem is that, as it grows, it must figure

By Joe Calise To Media Center, or not to Media Center? That's this year's big question. Do we jump on the bandwagon or not? I personally have mixed feelings about it. We wonder, like many C-tailers do, if Windows Media Center is something that our customers will be looking to us to deliver or carry. When I was offered the opportunity to become a dealer for one of the manufacturers that is making its own hardware for the Media Center platform, I took advantage of the opportunity to explore my options and see what Media Center was all about. Let's face it: If

By Steven Kramer For all the complexity that goes into a custom-installed home theater, end users are always interested in simplicity. But simplicity isn't just for the consumer, its an important aspect for installers too, because they usually spend so much time setting up the remotes for their customers, sometimes long after the job has been completed. Over the past few years, remote controls have come a long way, particularly through the advent of PC-programmable models. But setup for these models can still be a time-consuming task. The Home Theater Master MX-700 remote is positioned as a solution that will make both consumers and

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