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Around 5,000 attendees from roughly 1,200 independent retail establishments convened at Las Vegas’ Venetian Hotel for Nationwide Marketing Group’s PrimeTime! exhibition and buying show, which runs March 3 through 6.  Here are a few snapshots from the welcoming reception on the 3rd. Stay tuned to our websites for a full report of news about the group. (Photos: Nancy Klosek)

Well, the fat lady has sung, the curtains have been closed and CES 2012 is officially a few days in the bag. After several days of decompressing and detoxing — there is a LOT of drinking in Vegas — and reflecting, I thought I would share my list of Best, Worst, Coolest, and other superlatives from this year’s biggest party in all of electronics.

Is the green home here? A host of manufacturers are touting energy management systems this week at the Consumer Electronics Show. Verizon, for instance, said it would begin to test its  energy monitoring system with consumers in New Jersey in the first part of 2011. Motorola, meanwhile, is touting the technology it obtained late last year from 4Home for controlling homes. Panasonic has a display with everything from home fuel cells (which have been on sale in Japan for over a year) to dual-sided solar panels and a centralized control panel. Panasonic showed

Facing a diminished press corps at a scaled down line show called "The Sony Open House" in Vegas Monday night, Consumer Sales president Jay Vandenbree didn't pull any rah-rah happy talk about new product specs.  He went straight to what was on everyone's mind:  selling tech during a recession.

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