Leon Speakers announced that it will offer custom audio products and Media Decor solutions direct-to-dealer in the UK and Canada. From now on, dealers will not be required to purchase Leon products through a distributor, so that Leon Speakers can strength ints relationship to its dealers. 

SIM2 said this week that it recently completed its world tour, touching five continents, as it launched its SUPER LUMIS home cinema projector.

Progressing into 2013, the ever-increasing pace of technology is immediately apparent. We live in a digital world. We are moving past the Information Age, where data was suddenly at our fingertips, to a Connected Age. We are more connected than ever to our devices, our homes, and (arguably) each other. In this new paradigm, we hold the world in our pockets—everything from our friends to our music to our light switches are now sleekly encased in magical black boxes that we still, colloquially, call our “phones.”

The latest episode of AVWeek features guests George Tucker of WorldStage, Joel Bilheimer of Pershing Technologies, Brock McGinnis from Westbury National, and Dr. Yoram Solomon of Penveu.

Host Tim Albright and the panel talk about the demise of rear-projection TVs, as Mitsibishi has ended its consumer DLP TV line. The group discusses CEDIA's move to offer THX training at ISE, and also why interactive displays have taken off in the UK. There is a debate on whether 20% of independent reps should be gotten rid of. The gang debates which is the best streaming video service

TV One has announced the recent sale of one hundred percent of the Company’s stock to a subsidiary of Nortek, Inc.

The sale includes all TV One related, wholly-owned companies in the US, UK, Taiwan and China. TV One will be included in Nortek's Technology Products segment and closely aligned with Magenta Research LTD. The transaction was completed on April 28, 2011.

David K. Barnes, TV One CEO, stated, “We recently celebrated our 25th anniversary in the Pro AV industry and have established a record of consistent growth, profitability and product innovation.

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