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In 2012, Audio-Technica celebrated its 50th anniversary—an indication of longevity for any electronics company. The company continues to push for advancing the art and technology of electro-acoustic design in headphones, microphones, USB turntables and other areas.

CEATEC Japan 2012, the annual electronics exhibition showcasing Japanese companies’ latest technological innovations, is currently under way in the Chiba area of Japan just outside Tokyo.

It’s a kind of validation when our past visions of the future and the present collide, reminding us that things we thought were possible back then actually were within reach. Take, for example, Tokyo-based Burton’s Aerial 3D technology. The company claims it’s the first 3-D tech that casts three-dimensional objects in mid-air without using any kind of screen.

CEATEC Japan 2011 opened Oct. 4 in the Makuhari Messe exhibition hall near Tokyo. Despite economic and logistical challenges that surfaced in the aftermath of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, the show, which runs through Oct. 8, attracted 586 companies to its eight halls, and show promoters anticipated drawing about 200,000 attendees, up from 181,417 last year.

On exhibit during trade day of the Tokyo-held CEATEC Japan 2010 Oct. 5 were numerous “green technology” innovations, new iterations of 3D technology including prototypes of the first glassless sets – some destined for local market introduction before the end of the year – and Android- based tablet PC prototypes that aim to give Apple a run for its money in the iPad space.

How D&M played the acquisition game to build a company By David Dritsas For D&M Holdings, the past two years have been a busy time. About a year ago, the company was formed by the Japanese manufacturers Denon and Marantz, out of which comes the D&M moniker. The move helped to secure the financial positions of both companies, but the bar for the overall "vision" was set much higher, as D&M made further acquisitions a top priority in its business strategy. Today, in addition to Denon and Marantz, the company owns McIntosh, ReplayTV, Rio and Escient. Now, with its diversity of brands, it

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