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URC this week announced an "Automation For All" training tour, which will follow CEDIA Expo. The tour will visit 17 cities, 6 of which are part of the previously-announced Tech Tour. 

Control4 handed out its annual Dealer Awards last week at CEDIA Expo, naming Houston-based DataSmart its Dealer of the Year for 2012.

Control4 this week announced that it will offer dealer training in more than 60 cities worldwide this year, in a tour lasting from March through August.

Distributor AVAD announced Monday that it has undergone an organizational restructuring of both its executive and sales operations.

How does a brick-and-mortar retailer with deep roots in high-performance audio manage to succeed and excel in the custom discipline without abandoning retail? That question looms large, in these profit-strapped times. But Leon Shaw, founder and chairman of Audio Advice, the Raleigh, N.C.-based retailer/installer marking 30 years of business life in 2008, has figured out the right answers for himself and for the market he serves. Shaw shares some of his business insights on how he thrives in a challenging environment. CustomRetailer: Audio Advice is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. How did you choose this business? Are you an audio hobbyist?

Today's evolving C-Business landscape is like a Rohrschach test, in that the patterns look different to everyone that takes a peek. But in spite of—or perhaps as a result of—the explosive changes taking place in technology and business practices, the sector remains rich with possibility and continues to grow exponentially. Sometimes that success is driven by companies and individuals whose work is often overlooked in the larger scope of events. Other times, the success is the work of highly visible forces, who bring forth visionary ideas that rock the industry. All of which brings us to this year's C-Business 50. Each year, Custom Retailer

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