Panasonic will debut its  newest 4K Ultra HD LED TV models – the AX850 (85-inch class) and AX900 (65-inch class) full-array 4K HDTVs- at the upcoming Luxury Technology Show in Beverly Hills.

Distributors are the go-to people who are deeply involved with engaging the Technology Integrator reader on a daily basis offering sophisticated products and services that require knowledge and training to sell.

Stewart Filmscreen was started in 1947; 66 years ago. The Stewart family started a business developing and manufacturing screens for the Hollywood Studios.  The founder, Roy Stewart, understood at that early date that Hollywood was not just in the business of making movies, but of creating and delivering immersive experiences to the audience. 

These clients wanted a comfortable, easy-to-use home theater with the primary focus on performance, with the ability to show content that ranged from internet-based streaming media to first-run digital cinema provided by Hollywood studios.

SIM2 said that later this week, it will hold the worldwide launch of the new SUPERLUMIS projector in Los Angeles, on the latest stop of its 2013 SIM2 World Road Show.

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