Stewart Filmscreen was started in 1947; 66 years ago. The Stewart family started a business developing and manufacturing screens for the Hollywood Studios.  The founder, Roy Stewart, understood at that early date that Hollywood was not just in the business of making movies, but of creating and delivering immersive experiences to the audience. 

WallWizard late last month announced the appointment of two distributors and three sales agents who will represent the country abroad.

Though it is deliciously tempting to embrace a French proverb as luscious as “Il est impossible de trope de luxe” (It is impossible to overdo luxury), a quick survey of real estate marketing these days might persuade you otherwise. The words luxury, luxurious and the hipper “luxe” have become as common as the words “For Sale” on signs, regardless of a condo or loft’s actual attributes. And in what’s increasingly becoming the buyer’s market of 2008, developers are being forced to come up with substantial specs to back up their exuberant claims of luxury living. Enter “technomenities,” pre-wired A/V and smart-home applications

Bang & Olufsen, the Denmark based manufacturer of exclusive, high-end audio and video products, announced Tuesday that its newest showroom has opened in La Jolla, Calif., outside San Diego. The new store is located in the Girard Avenue retail area and represents Bang & Olufsen’s continued growth in North America. “Bang & Olufsen has long since been a purveyor of creating unparalleled, high quality, audio and video systems that are a pleasure to experience,” said President of Bang & Olufsen Zean Nielsen in a statement. “We are proud to further expand the company’s tradition of excellence in design and technology.” Elsewhere on

Vista Pacific Group, a Southern California manufacturer’s representative for luxury home entertainment products, added Peter Hansen as a sales representative. Hansen possesses over 20 years of experience in consumer-oriented products, including stints at Denmark’s Vifa/Scan Speak and California A/V importer/exporter Sonic Integrity. He also has spent time on the retail side of the ledger. Hansen holds a masters degree in marketing and export. “Our rep firm continues to attract talented sales representatives with a wealth of audio-video expertise”, said Vista Principal Martin Byrne. “Peter’s background, in addition to well-rounded marketing and solutions-based support, combines a manufacturer’s viewpoint with that of a retailer’s. These are the assets

Custom and home theater gear from across the pond By Mark Fleischmann Liberty fries notwithstanding, America and Europe have always had a mutual fascination. Many Europeans wear Levis, drink Coke, listen to OutKast, and deplore the excesses of Hollywood (while enjoying them to the hilt). Americans, likewise, are fascinated by Europe's arts, cuisine, and most of all, Euro style. Until recently Europe was decidedly the junior player in the home theater and custom install games. After all, when you can guzzle espresso in a café, or spend an evening at the opera, who needs home entertainment? America has also had the advantage in being

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