ICE Cable Systems announced the arrival of what it calls "a robust assortment of premium HDMI solutions," which will debut at the ISE event in Berlin.

Today, you might think of Samsung as the company that made your phone, your TV, or your washing machine. Tomorrow, if it gets its way, it'll be the company that gave some electronic brains to your entire home. In a speech at the IFA electronics show in Berlin, Samsung Electronics Chief Executive Boo-Keun Yoon predicted the coming era of the smart home.

Samsung is plotting an expansion to its Smart Home platform, opening up the service to make it work with third-party technology. Ahead of IFA 2014, a major tech trade show that kicks off this week in Berlin, the South Korean smartphone-maker says you'll be able to activate air conditioners, robot vacuum cleaners and smart LED lightbulbs via its S Voice voice-recognition tech on your Galaxy smartphone, or Samsung smartwatch.

China-based Haier is showcasing an interesting mind control technology for TVs at the ongoing IFA trade show in Berlin. The Brain Wave resembles a headset, with an extension placed peculiarly on the user's forehead to control a TV's volume and change channels with thoughts alone. The firm demonstrated its prototype with a game that involves blowing up barrels with your mind.

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