Technology Integrator March 2015 issue


Buying Groups Speak Out

An interview with four buying group leaders: Richard Glikes of Azione, Dave Workman of ProSource, Tom Hickman of Nationwide and Bob Hana of HTSA


CEDIA Reports on Legislation Impacting Your Business

CEDIA representatives actively lobby for the association’s membership on state legislative issues related to the residential electronic systems industry, primarily engaging in bills concerning statewide electrical and security licensing that seek to regulate home technology professionals.

Don't Sell Yourself Short

Have you ever met that person who always seems to fall on their feet? You know the type: They land the perfect job, score amazing deals, meet the perfect partner and live a fairytale life. Everything just seems to fall into place.

Five Questions With Bob Cole of World Wide Stereo

What is the biggest challenge World Wide Stereo faces this year?
The ongoing price pressure from uncontrolled internet pricing. It’s incumbent on the manufacturers to get that under control if the channels that drive the technology and the business are going to want to support their lines and to survive.

Four Steps for Hiring the Best Employees

Whether due to growing business or replacing departing employees, at some point you will need to hire new workers. How do you know what to look for?

Integrate Your Mobile World

Every integrator I talk with is on the go more than ever before. We seem to be working constantly with multiple devices—from the office, jobsite, home, coffee shops, cars and airplanes. The challenge is to maintain access to all of your vital info, daily communications and core software as you move from device to device and place to place.

Joe Roberts, President, Core Brands

Joe Roberts on the philosophy behind  Core Brands:

Keeping It Simple For the Homeowner

 The Installer:
Three 60 Electrical Services/Three 60 Smart Home

Labor and Employment

Jim Bras, Travis Leo, Kim Michels, David Wexler and Greg Hanson on labor and employment

Selecting the Right IP Networking Tools for the Job

As IP networking has become such a critical part of both residential and business environments, it is important that installers have a solid understanding of the breadth of networking tools available, as well as the usage scenarios of each. What you install in a 2,000-square-foot bungalow will certainly vary from the equipment used in a 20,000-square-foot mansion or a commercial enterprise. Likewise, the types of applications used in each installation will influence the tools selected for the job.

TI Connect

In this issue, we focus on the value propositions that our industry’s buying groups bring to the table. Read what the top executives have to say about their members, vendors and programs starting on page 22.

Use the "CIA" Method to Sell Network Services

If you’ve ever had the good fortune of attending a Tony Robbins seminar, you’ll probably know what I mean by using psychological conditioning to drive the results you want.

When It Comes to Networking, Sell the Whole Tree

How do you define “the network” in your daily life? IP signals, WiFi access points, category cable? That magical “thing” that makes stuff connect to the internet, to smartphones, and to each other?