Technology Integrator March 2014 issue


Are You Integrating Your Company’s Workflow? Part I

If you are reading this magazine, you probably specialize in designing and installing systems that integrate a wide range of electronic gear for your clients. This is a challenging field to be in when you consider how rapidly new tech products are being introduced. You may be called upon to integrate audio, video, lighting, HVAC, computer networks, shades, mobile and wireless devices, security, telephone, access control, surveillance systems and more.

enerG’s Home Awareness and Energy Management System

“We are trying to change the way integrators bring products to the end-user,” says enerG President Greg Brett. “Until now, recurring monthly revenue service (RMR) offerings were only available through security-based systems and maintenance contracts. We found a way to bring to market a range of offerings that customers want and create a RMR stream for the integrator in doing so. This is a complete solution where the integrator makes profit on the product, the installation and the services.”

Etail Eye Provides an Eye On Vendor Brand Reputation

The escalation of the Internet as a selling platform has also given rise to an unprecedented number of grey market and counterfeit goods sales, as well as sales of models by dealers who are unauthorized to make those sales. To help vendors regulate and protect their brand as well as their product distribution, two former British Army intelligence officers, Roger Thompson and Simon Hall, joined forces with Steve Langham, a former British Ministry of Defense software developer, to found Etail Eye, a software solution that provides subscribing vendors with instantaneous, actionable intelligence about how their models are being priced, advertised and sold on the Web.

Four Ways to Sell Green Tech for Warmer Weather

Now that the polar vortex is almost behind us, your clients are eager to get outside and enjoy the Spring and Summer weather. This is a great time for you to capitalize on the warmer seasons by offering your clients a range of eco-friendly technology solutions. Here are a few energy-efficient ways you can increase sales by upgrading your client’s home technology—indoor and out.

Power-over-Ethernet: What Does the Updated 802.3at PoE+ Standard Mean to You?

Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) is a system that passes electrical power along with data over standard Ethernet cable—thus allowing a single cable to provide both data connectivity and electrical power to devices such as wireless access points or IP cameras.

Safe & Sound

If you’re looking to broaden your business services and establish a recurring-revenue stream (and who isn’t?), you may want to set your sights on a segment of the market that holds more potential than ever before: residential security.
Sure, the security market isn’t a new idea for a service supplement, but the opportunities are evolving.

The Special Project Files

What’s the most “out there” project you’ve done? Everyone has that one project that they are particularly proud of, that one that makes them beam with joy. Maybe it was a project that was out of the ordinary for your company or maybe you helped a client transform their vision into a reality. You’re not alone, everyone has those special projects. Check out some of these examples.

Why Entrepreneurial Dealers Think Outside the Walls

By now most of you are well into your 2014 projects and scouting opportunities to make this year better than the last. You’re asking yourself how to increase your marketability as a dealer, expand what you can offer customers, improve efficiency and educate your teams. Many of you will ask, “What aren’t my competitors doing?” There is no shortage of areas in the industry that are ripe for improvement, but too often dealers declare, “there is nothing new under the sun” and going about business as usual.