Technology Integrator July 2014 issue


Don’t Let Disruptive Innovation Kill Your Business!

Last month, in Part I, we discussed the threats to your business and the first two innovations you can can use to be disruptors yourselves. Now let’s look at the last three innovations:

Furman Turns 40

Furman has made such an enormous difference in the quality of sound over the last four decades that even the silence between sounds, sounds better. The company, which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year as Infocomm commemorates its own 75th year.

How to Shine a New Light on Profits

Our industry prides itself on being able to combine leading-edge technologies with a client’s wish list for the dream home, and often that challenge forces integrators to think beyond the typical flat panel display/multi-room audio/home automation installation.

Installer Tips: Add Value to Your Next Network Installation with VLANs

The ability to optimize IP network and application performance is an essential skill for any installer. Depending on the customer’s network usage and application requirements, VLANs (Virtual Local Area Networks) may be a valuable part of a high-performance network setup. Knowing how and when to implement VLANs can help set you apart from the competition and improve the customer’s IP networking experience.

Live From New York

Last month’s CE Week in New York introduced groundbreaking CE Week TV coverage with a variety of distribution partners including ABC News Radio, CNet, and a host of other media partners to bring the action at CE Week to a global audience.

Relationships you sow today amplify tomorrow’s potential

There was a lot going on as I walked into the distributor’s branch this afternoon. Counters arranged like pods, each one bursting with dealers placing orders and getting advice, charged the air as a sign of a recovering economy. I hadn’t been to this particular distributor in years.

Success Planning Redux

When I last wrote about succession planning in 2010, it seemed to be a looming challenge for independent retailers. Now, though, it’s time to sound the alarm.
In a recent conversation with one of the industry’s banking partners, he estimated that the owners of nearly half of all locally owned appliance, bedding, electronics and furniture companies were nearing retirement age with absolutely no plan for succession.

The Intelligence-LED E-Commerce Battle of the Brands

To Be A Premium Brand ...To be a premium brand, you need to gain and maintain reputation with customers, partners and shareholders. Reputation and premium status are inextricably linked. You need premium status to “attract” customers and to charge a premium; higher margins increase profitability.

Unmasking the Luxury Sale

Technology Integrator asked three influential CI channel manufacturers what luxury products mean to them, what they bring to their integrators now, and how they see the future—as we are midway through 2014.