Technology Integrator January/February 2015 issue


A Letter from the President of CTPG

"Good customer service starts with listening. It's key to getting to know your customers better, as well as better understanding their needs an getting to the core of their problems. 


A New Look for the New Year

elcome to the fresh new look of Technology Integrator. The January/February issue is the first double issue of the year, and we’re kicking off 2015 with a cleaner, more modern look. Easier to read and more visually appealing, it’s the perfect setting for our ongoing industry cocktail party.As the anchor of the TI community, the…

Bill Ennis, Director of Sales, Americas, OmniMount

How has your product line evolved in the past few years, and in what direction is it heading?

Creating and Analyzing Meaningful Metrics for Your Business

Every business owner wants to have a better understanding of his or her success. It is important to understand what is being done when things are going well, and even more important when things are not.

Get Me Off of This Hamster Wheel

Welcome to 2015. Welcome to a world that is more hurried, more complex, and more exhausting than ever before. The explosion of information and technology must somehow be accelerating the rate of the expansion of the universe. While the demands of business and our personal lives keep growing, we are also seeing exponential growth in the demands placed on us by our tech devices.

Integration Controls’ Very Own Interior Designer

St. Louis-based Integration Controls thought outside of the box by bringing on an interior designer, Rachel Bartelsmeyer, to interact directly with its clients as the company’s sales and design consultant. We spoke with Bartelsmeyer to find out what her job entails, what she likes about it, and what she’s learned from working with tech-heads.

Jeremy Burkhardt of Origin Acoustics

Origin is the team that invented the in-wall speaker three decades ago. We represent over 100 years of combined experience in the speaker business and spent our lives as designers and manufacturers for SpeakerCraft, Sonance, Niles, JBL, Polk and others.

Remote Network Access: Which VPN Protocol Should I Use?

As we try to find a balance among home, work and recreational activities, there comes an increased need to manage data and systems from anywhere, and using any device (phone, tablet, laptop). But how to securely access and manage the network remotely, without worrying about who has access to the data?
The Internet can be a dangerous place for those who don’t carefully consider data security. While there are many options for connecting remotely, my preferred method is using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

The Joy of Getting Stuff Done

My neighbor Dave is a fanatic when it comes to tools. So it was no surprise that when I asked him about brightening up my coquina stone steps, he brought over an industrial-grade pressure washer. “With 5,000 PSI, this bad-boy will have your steps looking great,” Dave assured me.

This Isn’t Your Grandpa’s Business Conference

s business professionals, we all at some point have been lured by the business conference, enticed by flashy promises of increasing our revenue or learning how to operate “lean” or whatever the topic was. We’ve all been to that conference, the one with lofty promises but, in the end, low results. The conference where a sales message was thinly veiled among the thousands of PowerPoint slides.

TI's Top Talent

We asked around for some of the industry’s best and brightest: Michael Restrepo, Tim Nielsen and Karl Kunz

What’s on Tap at the ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) Show

Highlights from the ISE show