Technology Integrator January 2014 issue


A Letter From CTPG's President

Good customer service starts with listening. It’s key to getting to know your customers better, as well as better understanding their needs and getting to the core of their problems.

Attracting and Selling the High Net Worth Consumer

I’m sure everyone has heard the old adage; “fish where the fish are”. Today, I’m suggesting going after the whales rather than the fish!

BlueBOLT to the Rescue

Every year, the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) puts on a trade show to exhibit the world’s newest technology aimed at home theater installations. The event attracts a wide range of exhibitors, industry professionals, and training experts from all facets of the A/V marketplace.

Fire “Someone” Today And Get More Work Done

Like many of you, my business attracts some pretty cool clients! After all, Mike Detmer Business Solutions gets to work with some of the best manufacturers and dealers in the Technology Integration space.

It's a Numbers Game

When I ask most dealers “how’s business?” they’ll usually say “Great!” or “down about 3% from last year, but the last two months have been smokin’,” or “sales are ok, but margins are tough.” I’ve never heard anything like “inventory is down so turns are better,” or “sales per employee are way up,” or “even though I’m advertising more, as a percentage of sales, advertising is down.”

The Impact of the Digital Revolution on Our Perception of Value: Part I

Like most residential installation practitioners of my generation I was drawn to our business by a love of music. After flirting with rock and roll as a source of income for a few years I turned to a career selling audio gear.